Video Transcription

Jason Pettis, Systemation

A lot of our training is done virtually and asynchronously, so 24/7 access is a big deal for a lot of our clients and customers. We're a project manager training corporation. Our project management is where you are in charge of a bit of work that has a starting and end point maybe outside of your normal duties. Systemation helps people learn how to be project managers through on-site and virtual training.

For a long time, Systemation had our servers and infrastructure internally. Not that we took care of it all ourselves, but we found that that was way too much to manage, so we really were looking for either a cloud solution or a colocation solution that would be able to not only support our system but also be something we didn't have to worry about maintaining. So, basically we put ourself up and it was taken care of for us.

One of Systemation's hallmarks is a personalization and customer service. We're really focused on dealing with individuals and organizations on a one-to-one personal basis, and that's really important for our vendors as well, so in dealing with Green House Data, having a single point of contact, having somebody who we just pick up the phone and be able to either ask a question about, run a problem by, and know that someone's going to be there in answering the phone or answering an email is really important. Having that one-on-one personal connection really makes a difference in how we like to do business and the people we like to do business with.