Video Transcription

Mike & Ruth Lee, Titan Lenders Corp

Mike: Once we had satisfied the screening criteria, which two primary factors for us were price and service we believed that we would receive. Some of the value-adds there such as Green House being a carbon-neutral vendor were actually pretty important to us as well.

Ruth: Titan provides a set of expertise. We're not really a task-oriented outsourcer; we are an expertise-oriented outsourcer, so companies who are out in the market. We don't originate loans. We work with clients who are looking for a level of expertise operationally for the production of loans.

Mike: When we originally opened our doors we were actually working with a colo facility provider out of Rochester, New York, and had gotten to the point where we were both at the end of our contractual obligation there, and we were really looking for somebody that would provide a greater level of service. Green House actually answered the mail in a couple of different ways. We actually have a proprietary environment within the Green House facility, and the fact that the team of the engineers were willing to work with us to really identify and ascertain what it was that we were going to need and work with us on that process were some of the really large factors in terms of vendor selection on that one. Absolutely take a very hard look at Green House. Not only are they environmentally responsible, but they're hungry for the business and they will support you in any way which they possibly can.