Video Transcription

Bryan Noecker, Wazee Digital (formerly T3 Media)

We got involved with Green House Data and have had a long relationship with their engineers in the last six years. We wanted to have a DR presence for our main tape archive library and our web presence. But we’ve been extensively trying to expand to more of a primary facility, simply to utilize the more highly available services that Green House Data offers and the engineering staff that they have, to basically augment what we currently don’t have.

In terms of master quality content that we digitized from our supplier partners, we host about a petabyte and a half of content at each location; the primary in Laramie and the secondary at Green House [in Cheyenne].

“We have had a long relationship with their engineers in the last six years.”

Thought Equity is one of the largest suppliers of online motion content. We are able to provide rights, clearance, and delivery of probably over four hundred thousand SD, HD, and an ever increasing amount of long form clips. We represent most of the motion picture industry; Sony Pictures, Paramount, MGM. We also have a lot of representation in the News agencies, like NBC news and the sports industry. We are one of the primary representations of the NCAA, and the big ten conference.

As a pre-profitable company, we have to watch our budgets and maintain some flexibility in terms of what we can do, and Green House Data allows us to do that.