Cheyenne Data Center

Inside the Cheyenne, WY data centerCheyenne, Wyoming's central location offers businesses a secure and reliable data center for primary workloads or disaster recovery. Access to high speed fiber and telecommunications infrastructure ensures minimal latency, and 24/7/365 support means technicians are available whenever you need them. 

You get customized, high performance solutions—and a 6% tax break for computer equipment and gear purchases. 


Our Cheyenne data centers power VMware® cloud hosting, as well as enterprise quality colocation and a full suite of managed services. With 100% uptime SLAs, you can enjoy business-ready, environmentally sustainable services without worrying about downtime. 

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Cheyenne, Wyoming offers a unique geographical location for disaster recovery, as it is one of the safest places in North America. The state reported only 12 power outages in 2014, for a total of 376 minutes without power, making it the 3rd most reliable state power grid in the country.

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Our global company requires 100% uptime. By colocating with Green House Data, we are able to achieve that lofty goal.


Facility Overview

colocation cabinets in Cheyenne, WY data center

Colocation Cabinets

Whether you need one cabinet or a entire private colocation suite, this 35,000 square foot data center is ready. 

Power configurations

This concurrently maintainable 5 MW facility is designed with the ability to expand to 8 MW to satisfy even the most demanding deployments.


Additional Features

Business Amenities

data center cafe

Every customer is welcome to use meeting rooms and relax in the café. 

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A combination of site location and security measures protect your data, from natural and digital attacks alike. Laramie County is one of the safest in the nation, with few natural disasters or large storms per year, and we deploy the latest cybersecurity measures.

security camera in Cheyenne Data Center




network cablesThis carrier-neutral facility features access to the top internet providers in the Rocky Mountain region. Your business gains lower network fees and faster speeds thanks to on-net contracts with multiple providers, including Century Link, Level 3, Zayo, and Charter. Each of these service providers can support 100 Gbps connections.


miles to fiber line hookup from Cheyenne location mapMiles to Fiber Hookup

The map to the left shows Cheyenne's proximity to fiber lines.

The high touch has worked really well for us. This and the overall value of the company and service offer a cost-benefit that makes a lot of sense.

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Energy Efficiency and Lower Cost Per kWh

Cheyenne enjoys some of the lowest energy prices in the nation, and energy-efficient data center design helps the facility sip from the grid instead of guzzle. This data center is 40 - 75% more efficient than the national average, leading to cost savings that are passed directly to you. Sustainability and energy efficiency efforts include:


passive cooling mapPassive Cooling Per Annum

Wyoming climate offers high passive cooling potential which allows us to utilize free cooling methods. Cooling a facility with filtered, outside air instead of traditional computer room air conditioners (CRACS) dramatically reduces energy cost. 




Cheyenne Data Center Address

340 Progress Circle
Cheyenne, WY 82007


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