Green Your IT For Earth Day

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Friday, April 20th 2012 — Categories: Green Data Center

Earth Day is quickly approaching and many business leaders have green on their mind.  When moving in the direction of corporate sustainability, we often think of automatic lighting and faucets, removing phantom energy suckers such as desktop computers, monitors and printers left on when being unused or possibly greener cleaning products. These are all very important, but in truth, your servers could be pulling the largest energy load of running your business.

These physical servers are vital for a company’s viability and obviously can’t be turned off. So, what can you do? Glad you asked. Move to a green data center, and even better, move to a cloud hosting platform in a green data center. It really isn’t more expensive. Surprisingly, it should even be more cost effective.

Green House Data delivers a green data center solution for many reasons, but some of the most substantial ways we save energy and avoid carbon emissions include:

The savings we receive in power due to our efficiency is something we are able to pass through to our customers. That is how we are able to charge less than traditional data centers, all while being extremely friendly to our environment. In honor of Earth Day, look at greening up your company IT infrastructure. Contact us to learn more! We love helping folks save money, run their IT more cost effectively, and of course saving improving how doing business effects the environment.