Honored to be a “Certifiably Green Denver” Business!

Written by Joe Kozlowicz on Tuesday, October 8th 2013

As the name implies Green House Data is a company with a strong sense of environmental responsibility. With data centers powered by renewable wind energy and designed to be exceptionally energy efficient, Green House Data has taken many steps to lighten our carbon footprint. Recently we were honored to be ranked as a Certifiably Green Denver business!

Certifiably Green Denver is a program designed to encourage and assist businesses as they work to become more energy efficient and environmentally aware. An advisor will work with the businesses to identify ways to conserve and ultimately present a full Certifiably Green Denver certificate.

Certifiably Green Denver Badge

All aspects of the company are examined, including the building, employee transportation, day to day business practices, and renewable resource management. The advisor pays attention to things like water usage in the kitchen and bathrooms, efficiency of power strips and type of lighting used throughout the company. After the initial audit the advisor will pass along any suggestions for improvement and return for a second audit if necessary.

After a full audit from the advisor with Certifiably Green Denver we were excited to hear we met all the requirements to become officially certified. As a Certifiably Green Denver business we will continue to be very conscious of how we use resources and strive to make more improvements to stay as green as possible!